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The Junk Yard The Junk Yard

Rated 1 / 5 stars

To tell you the truth...

Unfortunately, I muts say that I see no reason why TomFulp found this game so interesting that he put it on the front page. Here are a few reasons:

1. The first level was even hard. Seriously.
2. It was hard to reach the vehicles when useless brown boulders were in the way. Accidentally grabbing the stupid oversized rock depletes time, which you barely even have on the first level.
3. Stacking the vehicles required perfect vehicle placement. I can't count how many times I failed at making a full pile of cars because of the pile toppling over before I completed it.
4. It was too repetitive after the first few levels, and eventually got boring.

So overall, this game isn't very good. But I can see by your Flash skills that you can make something better than this. Just please, have different objectives, rather than just collect cars and then piling thenn and compacting them.

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Mars Bike Mars Bike

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Ugh, That was really buggy. Pretty good though.

Super Mouse Game Super Mouse Game

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Opinion: This game was on the verge of being terrible. The brush tool was definitely used, but not very good, and easy to cheat, either moving the mouse with a fast movement, or doing the right click method many reviewers here have noticed.

Recommendations: Try making the cursor a small dot that is a color very separate for all the other colors. Even make the cursor flash if you must. Also, don't be afraid to use the line tool! Just as long as you thicken the lines nicely so you can't easily run over them. And, make the framerate at 120 so no matter how fast you move, you can't fly over a line. And add more color. This submission was extremely bland, and not very exciting. Also, place buttons that give you the ability to start and stop the music. Maybe even have multiple music choices. There are many tutorials that can help you with this kind of stuff.

Tengu Dress Up 1.6 Tengu Dress Up 1.6

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Not to be too hurtful, but that wasn't very good. All the other reviewers don't seem to realize anything about how the graphics are somewhat iffy and the button problem. The reviewer below has found this problem, but doesn't understand that it is not a glitch. it is an error in the ActionScript. Actually, there is no ActionScript. So why not just take that button away? And please don't point me out that you mentioned all about this in your description. I know. Please do look into basic ActionScript tutorials or please ask some Flash masters like MindChamber, seeing that he is the only one that replies. I do understand the music quality part, I have that happen to me too with most music. Overall this game is a little below average, but I can see that you tried. So I give you 6 stars.


Try putting this code on that stop all music button:


So yeah, helpin' you out bro :)

Dad 'n Me Dad 'n Me

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


A truly epic game. Though you need to add the ability to have lives, so we don't friggin' die after we got so far and have to start ALL OVER.

Platforms City Platforms City

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Pretty awesome, but requires much precision jumping as you must maneuver through crowds of enemies that can kill you if you get within an inch of them.


VirusN responds:

Well... 2 will be awesome!

RPG Tutorial The Basics RPG Tutorial The Basics

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome tutorial!

Okay Sader101, those colors aren't that blinding, so don't over-react about that. And as you may notice, idiot, the title of this submission is RPG tutorial, not creator. Don't just pick any random Flash to look at and title it whatever you want. Use your eyes.

Also, your submission (StaticBlaze) was very informative and helped me construct the basis of a RPG I wanted to create. Thank you and awesome tutorial!

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Staticblaze responds:

You've helped a lot more then some people *glares below*

Crazy Shuttle Crazy Shuttle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Awesome, but did you seriously give your own submission an award?

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Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good!

Awesome game! I enjoyed it to the fullest extent because there were way more options given than what Line Rider does, like different things to ride, backgrounds, and more. ------- My map (Very basic):

-18 1i 18 1i,19 1i 3d 1v 6a 2l a1 37 c7 37,c8 37 at 4u en 4r db 37 gm 37,gk 38 od 38,ob 38 pk 38 ou 2u sd 2t rv 36,rv 35 th 35,th 34 uk 37,ui 37 vf 3e 10k 3n 121 3v 121 97 16o 9k 14o 64,121 93 12c 8n 12f 93 12s 8n 132 93 13l 8k 13r 92 148 8n 14f 92 14u 8o 15b 92 15n 8o 165 95 167 8p,12j 7c 12f 85,13b 7o 13t 88,144 88 14t 7g,14u 7g 14j 7g,13m 77 137 70 12o 7u,12m 7v 12f 7v,12f 7r 13n 7c 14g 7p,14g 7q 14g 86,14p 8b 155 85,129 6m 137 6l,14d 6u 144 61,14o 63 184 82 19l 8l 1c0 99 1em 9g 1fq 9g,1tk 7r 23k 7r,23j 7q 26h 7q,26k 7q 285 88 29v 95 2bd a5 2d7 au 2ef b3 2h8 b1 2hb b1,2h8 b0 2in as 2je ah 2jv 9t 2jv 8n 2jd 7r 2ig 6t 2gv 63 2eq 5m,1e8 -3f 1jp -3h 1jn -6g 1ll -6g 1ll -5b 1of -74 1q4 -7r 1sr -80 210 -80#-5t -5d -67 -4b -67 -3a -5n -2m -4s -2r -4b -3f -46 -4f -4n -59 -5t -5b,-3a -59 -35 -2u -25 -3c -20 -4a -37 -4d -2a -4u -2f -5j -3f -56,-d -59 -11 -5l -1g -51 -b -41,-b -43 -19 -3f -1l -43,1 -3c 1 -5g,-d -5b g -5g,16 -59 14 -3r,q -3p 1h -3u,n -5b 1h -5b,2m -51 27 -5e 1q -45 2c -4b,2t -43 32 -5l,2u -4u 3h -5l,2t -4q 3f -48,3s -46 4d -5n,4b -5q 4s -4b,45 -4s 4l -4s,54 -5s 58 -4f 5s -4g,6b -4b 6m -5i,6m -5l 70 -4d,6h -4l 6r -4n,7h -5l 7j -43,70 -5i 7u -5n,8c -5o 87 -43,80 -48 8f -4b,82 -5s 8h -5s,8s -5q 8p -4i,8m -4l 8u -4n,8s -58 93 -58,8s -5o 9a -5o,8r -4l 91 -4k,9u -5g 9i -5v 9g -5e 9s -54 9i -4l,9g -4l 98 -53,-5q -20 o -2m 40 -3d 90 -3i 90 -3f,2dh 7u 2d9 7m 2cs 80 2de 8i 2d5 8m 2cq 8e,2du 7h 2du 8c,2dk 7l 2e8 7i,2eu 7h 2ed 7s 2ep 89 2f7 7r 2es 7i,2fn 84 2fk 7e 2g4 7h,2g4 7i 2fk 7q#G 1vt -7h 5k,T 2f8 ad,G 1f6 92 b8

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Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good!

Very awesome and interactive game, though its controls and actions were both delayed and too long, so long you had to wait a while before you could do anything again. And it was HARD. I can't even beat the second level on Story Mode. But over very good due to animation and graphics! Keep up the good work!

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